Mailbox Locks

Mailbox Lock

What Is A Mailbox Lock?

While some private homes choose to have a lock installed on their mailbox, it is more likely if you live in a private, gated neighborhood or in an apartment or condominium complex. Chances are your mailbox is placed in one central spot along with all of the other resident mailboxes. This makes it easier for the postal worker to deliver all of the mail for these buildings. These boxes are sometimes called community or central boxes, and most likely, each mailbox has its own lock and one key that opens it. To retrieve your mail, you will need the exact key that fits your mailbox lock.


When Is It Time To Get A Mailbox Lock Or Replace The One You Have?

The lock on these community mailboxes is placed there to ensure your mail is safely stored until you are ready to retrieve it. Your deliveries, however, can only remain secure if you are certain that the key that opens the box is only in the possession of you or someone you trust. If this is not the case, it’s time to change the lock.


Have You Lost Your Key Or Just Moved In?

If others may have access to your key because you were not the first person to be assigned the mailbox, or because you have lost your key, it’s a good safety measure to make sure by having the lock changed.


Are Your Locks Worn Out?

Maybe your community mailboxes are located inside a lobby or have a slight cover over top of them to protect them from rain, snow, or the heat of the sun beating down on them daily. Even so, locks do wear out over time especially if they are outside weathering the elements every day.

Even well-maintained locks that have been lubricated and cleaned regularly, will eventually wear out. When this happens, simply change out the lock to get a fresh start with a more secure device.

Mailbox Lock
Mailbox Lock

Is A Locksmith Authorized To Change My Mailbox Lock?

In the United States, mailboxes are protected and considered to be the property of the USPS, United States Postal Service. Tampering with the contents or the locks is not taken lightly. The contents of these boxes are protected under Federal Law.

However, just as these laws are set in place to protect the integrity of the postal service, there are people who can be authorized to replace these locks – the owner of the mailbox, the homeowners association that owns the community boxes, or you may authorize a professional locksmith to get it done legally and correctly in no time without any hassles.

When our knowledgeable expert shows up to perform your mailbox locks replacement, he or she will ask for proof that the mailbox is assigned to you. Be prepared to show ID.


Call An Expert When You Need Your Mailbox Lock Replaced

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