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Car Key

Replace Your Car Key in Gilbert, Arizona

Our team of expert technicians take pride in our ability to provide our customers with a variety of options for car key replacement services in the area. Depending on your needs, we are able to cut or program your keys for any make or model of automobile. This includes programming transponder keys and key fobs, laser cutting keys, and any service you need.


If you have lost your car key, you will want to make sure no one else has access to your vehicle.

If you have broken your key, it will no longer work to open your doors or start your engine. Maybe you’ve broken off the key inside your ignition. Either way, this is an emergency situation that will require a key replacement and possibly a key extraction or ignition repair.

If you want a spare key to give to another driver you trust, you will need to have one made that is specific to the make and model of your individual automobile.

Car Key
Car Keys Types

Today’s automobiles require the use of variety types of keys:


Mechanical car keys are the conventional and traditionally the most common type of keys especially for older models of cars. These plain, metal keys don’t require any special programming knowledge and are easy to quickly replace with a duplicate on location.


Laser cut car keys are designed to provide high security. They are sometimes called sidewinder or internal cut keys. To make one of these high-security keys requires advanced laser cutting machines and programmable software specialized for your individual vehicle.


Key fobs or remote entry keys provide a secure access to your car using buttons that have been pre-programmed. This type of key requires a mechanical key cutting machine along with special programming designed to match your car.


Transponder keys are made to secure your vehicle using a chip that is placed inside of the key, sometimes special technology called VATS or PATS. These keys will need to be cut and programmed specifically for your automobile.


Push to start smart keys are showing up more and more in modern vehicles. They are designed for ease of access for the driver and only require that the key is located near the signal that unlocks or starts the car. These smart keys are made with the use of highly advanced technology.


Don’t Call A Tow Truck, Call Us!

Before you call a tow truck to have your car delivered to an expensive dealership for service, call one of our car locksmith professionals at anytime of day or night, including weekends. We will provide you with an affordable alternative solution. Count on us for the quickest response times and most reliable car key replacement services in the area. We arrive quickly equipped with all of the tools and know-how needed to make or program a new key for your vehicle on the spot.