Locks Services

When you need qualified, reliable, and affordable locks service in Gilbert, Arizona, that you can trust, we are here and local, ready to show up at your location to get the job done. We are ready and able to change or repair your locks, or install a brand new security measure.


When Your Locks Need To Be Changed, Our Experts Get The Job Done Right The First Time

All of us count on locks to keep us safe. One key opens these locks. That’s why it is crucial that the only people who have a copy of your key are people you trust. Unfortunately, sometimes keys get lost or trust is broken.  These are the moments that make it important to change your locks.

If the hardware on the locks are in good working order, you may be a good candidate for a cost-saving service of re-keying, which retains the outer hardware of the lock but changes the inside workings of the lock itself, rendering the lost key or the key that is in the hands of someone less than trustworthy, useless. If you are able to re-key, you will be given a brand new key to open the brand new inward mechanics of your existing lock.


Maintain And Repair Your Locks

Locks are built to provide security, but like anything that works with moving parts, they need to be properly maintained and sometimes repaired. Make sure your locks are maintained on a regular basis by a knowledgeable professional who will be able to assess whether they need cleaning, lubricated, adjusted, or repaired. Over time, this service will save you money and provide you with the secure peace of mind knowing you have functioning security in place.


Start Fresh With Brand New Locks

Are your locks showing wear, getting old, or had a break-in attempt? Ensure the safety and security of your family members or employees by staying up-to-date on the latest technology and highest quality locks.  Sometimes, the best choice is to start fresh with brand new locks or an updated programmable, keyless entry system or high-security deadbolt.

Locks Types and Locks Brands


Call Us Anytime You Need Help With Your Locks

We are here ready to take your call anytime you need assistance, 24 hours a day, any day of the week, and even on weekends and holidays. As soon as you call, we are prepared to show up at your location properly stocked with the all of the equipment and tools needed to help get your job done well.

Contact us today knowing we only use the highest quality locks and parts and stand behind our full warranty for parts and labor. Call one of our expertly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable technicians who will come to you with years of experience and an understanding of any type of lock available.


Don’t Ever Settle For Less Than The Best

Never settle for a service that is less than the best. Gilbert Locksmith 24 provide you with full service at a price that fits your budget, and customer service is second only to providing you with quality work first.