Typical locks are easy to pick or bump open and can be drilled to gain access. Also, typical locks keys are easy to duplicate. So, you never know for sure how many copies of your keys are hanging around in the wrong hands or who has access to your home or office. Even "Do Not Duplicate" keys are often quickly and easily duplicated. Here at Gilbert Locksmith 24 we offer high security locks installation for customers that need to increase the security level of their property.

What Makes High-Security Locks Superior

High-security locks take extra measures to make them pick proof and to make them bump proof. Trust our knowledgeable locksmiths to help you choose from several styles of high-security locks including restricted keys, pick-proof, bump-resistant, and drill-resistant locks. Restricted keys are also sometimes referred to as patented keys usually only available directly from the lock and key factory or from a qualified locksmith.

Our Professionals Will Recommend The Best High-Security Locks Brand For You!

Some of the most trusted brands in high security locks are Corbin-Russwin with its clock cylinder Pyramid, Schlage Primus, Medeco with a wide choice of cam locks, padlocks, and cylinders, and Mul-T-Lock. These are not the only brands of high-security locks. Ask our trained and knowledgeable technician for a recommendation today!

High Security Locks

Pick and Bump Proof

Talk to a qualified professional locksmith technician who will be able to help you select a pick-proof, bump resistant, and drill resistant high-security lock that contain special mechanisms used that make them extremely challenging to pick, unable to bump open using a bump key and those designed to resist drilling attempts with metal cases, pins and disks.

High Security Locks

High-Security Lock Key Requires Special Equipment to Duplicate

You can't duplicate high security lock key if you don't have the card for key duplication you get when you purchased the lock. Most high security locks are restricted or patented in one way or another. High-security locks keys require special equipment to duplicate.

High Security Locks

Protect High Sensitive Information or High-Value Assets

Keep your valuables safe by having a professional locksmith install the best high security locks in your home or office.

Of course, it’s a great idea to install high-security locks on every door especially if the rooms have valuables inside. If you can only afford to put them on one door, choose the outside door.

Call an expert locksmith technician today in the Gilbert, Arizona area who will be at your location to recommend, install, and maintain the best high security locks for your needs.