Car Key

Car Key

Replace Your Car Key in Gilbert, Arizona

Our team of expert technicians take pride in our ability to provide our customers with a variety of options for car key replacement services in the area. Depending on your needs, we are able to cut or program your keys for any make or model of automobile. This includes programming transponder keys and key fobs, laser cutting keys, and any service you need.


If you have lost your car key, you will want to make sure no one else has access to your vehicle.

If you have broken your key, it will no longer work to open your doors or start your engine. Maybe you’ve broken off the key inside your ignition. Either way, this is an emergency situation that will require a key replacement and possibly a key extraction or ignition repair.

If you want a spare key to give to another driver you trust, you will need to have one made that is specific to the make and model of your individual automobile.

Car Key
Car Keys Types

Today’s automobiles require the use of variety types of keys:


Mechanical car keys are the conventional and traditionally the most common type of keys especially for older models of cars. These plain, metal keys don’t require any special programming knowledge and are easy to quickly replace with a duplicate on location.


Laser cut car keys are designed to provide high security. They are sometimes called sidewinder or internal cut keys. To make one of these high-security keys requires advanced laser cutting machines and programmable software specialized for your individual vehicle.


Key fobs or remote entry keys provide a secure access to your car using buttons that have been pre-programmed. This type of key requires a mechanical key cutting machine along with special programming designed to match your car.


Transponder keys are made to secure your vehicle using a chip that is placed inside of the key, sometimes special technology called VATS or PATS. These keys will need to be cut and programmed specifically for your automobile.


Push to start smart keys are showing up more and more in modern vehicles. They are designed for ease of access for the driver and only require that the key is located near the signal that unlocks or starts the car. These smart keys are made with the use of highly advanced technology.


Don’t Call A Tow Truck, Call Us!

Before you call a tow truck to have your car delivered to an expensive dealership for service, call one of our car locksmith professionals at anytime of day or night, including weekends. We will provide you with an affordable alternative solution. Count on us for the quickest response times and most reliable car key replacement services in the area. We arrive quickly equipped with all of the tools and know-how needed to make or program a new key for your vehicle on the spot.

Locks Changing

When and Why to Change your Locks

Time for Locks Changing!

The security of your family and valuables are essential for peaceful residency – and locks help to keep our lives and these valuables safe. However, may people wonder when and why they need to change the locks of their property. Even when the security of your house has not been compromised, there are a variety of reasons you may need a lock change immediately. Here are a few of them.

Moving into a new home

You can never tell how many copies of your home key the previous occupant made and who may still have the keys. More so, when a house is put up for sale, authorized agents, inspectors, and other personnel can get access to the key. Since any one of these persons could duplicate the key or hold on to an extra key from the lockbox, changing the lock is a great idea so you can have the peace of mind and joy associated with moving into a new home.


Even if you have been you the sole holder of your key over the years, you may still need a new lock. With time, locks experience wear and tear and such locks can be picked easily or broken. Look out for signs such as rust, tarnish, or call a locksmith to run checks for you to determine if you need a lock replacement.

A break-in

If there was an attempted break-in, changing your lock would be a good idea. Even if they gained access to your apartment through the window or somewhere else, a spare key may have been copied or nabbed in the process. As such, you may be a target in the near future, so a lock change is necessary to make sure of your security before they come knocking again.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Unfortunately, anyone can misplace keys at any time. Even if you have a spare key, you simply cannot feel safe, as you want to be sure that anyone that finds your key cannot gain access to your home. Theft is even more dangerous than losing your keys. When you lose your key, you only presume that someone may have access, but you are sure your keys are in the wrong hands when they are stolen. If you have lost your key or it was stolen, changing the locks immediately is the best idea.

Your keys are with someone

If there was a renovation or some work was done in your apartment, you may have given your key to a service provider. In this case, you can hardly be sure about who has access to your home. A lock change may be necessary.

Locks Changing
Lock Changing

Do you need a lock change?

Has the security of your home been compromised in some way? Gilbert Locksmith 24 is your best choice for all your locksmith needs in Gilbert AZ. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and we respond to your call immediately and arrive at your location within 25 minutes. We are your go-to locksmith service at any time you need us. Call us at (480) 621-3934.

Locksmith Near Me

Mobile Locksmith Near Me

Mobile Locksmith Gilbert Arizona

Before you contact the first available locksmith to come to your location to help you out of a lock and key situation, the most important question you need to ask is, “Is there a reliable mobile locksmith near me in Gilbert, Arizona?” Among other reasons, it’s very important when you need a locksmith to come to you that the technician knows the area streets and ways to get around during busy hours instead of solely relying on a GPS to find you, especially if you are stranded next to your vehicle or sitting outside in the heat in front of your home or place of business waiting for help to arrive.

Make Sure The Mobile Locksmith Near Me is Really Local and Not a Result of a National Call Center Dispatch

When you call the first available listed locksmith, chances are you are really being directed to a national call center who will then dispatch a technician who may or may not be familiar with Gilbert, Arizona. One tell-tale sign that you have reached a national call center as opposed to a truly local company is how they answer the phone. One who is not truly local will probably answer the phone in a generic way, such as, “Locksmith”. Listen carefully for them to give you an exact company name instead.

Make sure the mobile locksmith you call upon to help when you need it is really local to Gilbert and not merely a part of the Phoenix metro. Find one who is local to and understands those in the 85233, 85296, 85234, 85295, 85297, 85298, and 85299 zip code areas. If you are locked outside of your home, office, or car in the Chandler Heights, Williams Field Road, Guadalupe Road, Higley Road or anywhere in between, you want to make sure there is an expert and qualified technician on the way who knows how to get to where you are in Maricopa County.

Locksmith Near Me
Mobile Locksmith Near Gilbert AZ

Mobile Locksmith Near Me Is Quick To Respond And Reliable

When you are in a situation that requires a locksmith to show up by your side, you are most likely in a bit of an emergency. Maybe you are locked out of your home, and it’s hot. Maybe you walked out to get the mail, and your toddler shut the door behind you locking you out and trapping a curious toddler inside with all kind of dangers awaiting without your watchful eye. Maybe you locked your car inside your vehicle, or have the engine running with the car door locked and a baby locked inside. Maybe you showed up before or after hours to work, and realized you have lost your key. Maybe your home or apartment was broken into, and you need new locks or locks rekeyed now. Whatever your mobile locksmith need entails, you need a locksmith and you need someone in a hurry who knows how to do the job right and will arrive quickly.

Locals Recommended the Best Mobile Locksmith Near Me

When the professional locksmith is really local, chances are you have a friend or family member who will be more than willing to recommend a company that served them well in time of need. Ask your friends, review reviews, and choose a locksmith professional who is a neighbor as well as a skilled technician.

Where Is A Mobile Locksmith Near Me in Gilbert, Arizona?

The staff at Gilbert Locksmith 24 is waiting just around the corner and ready to come to your location in no time. Call on the help of a local locksmith Gilbert, Arizona, who will show up quickly to get the job done fast and done right.


When to call a locksmith?

Call a Locksmith

When you find yourself in a locks and keys emergency, you will wish you had already done your research to find the best locksmith for your needs. But, how do you know when to call a locksmith?

Lost or Non-Working Keys

If you lose our keys, lock them inside your home or the key breaks off in the lock, you will want to have a 24-hour emergency locksmith on hand to help immediately.

Lockout Situations

If you are locked out of your car, home, office, business, storage units, etc, a locksmith can help you opening most types of doors, locks, and automotive. A locksmith also can unlock a safe when you lost the key, or forget the combination code.

Lost Car Keys

When you lock your keys inside your vehicle, you will be happy you know of a reliable 24-hour locksmith. A skilled locksmith will be able to arrive at your location in no time and get you back inside without damaging your vehicle or your locks.

Duplicate Keys

When you need a copy of your key or a new key made, most qualified locksmiths are able to show up at your location and make the key on the spot. Many can even program a transponder key at much lower costs than a dealership will charge.

Changing Locks/Rekeying Locks

If you are going through a divorce, changing roommates or had a turnover of employees at your office, you will want a qualified locksmith to come and change your locks. For the utmost in security, it is recommended that you change your locks or have them rekeyed immediately upon moving into a new space or home. Often, a knowledgeable locksmith will be able to re-key the locks to save you money and still deliver the same level of security by providing you with the only key to your doors and giving you the peace of mind that someone you don’t trust may have a copy of your keys.

Security Systems

When you have a problem with your security system or need one installed, a locksmith will be able to walk you through which brands and types are best for your needs, install it, and show you how to use it.

Call a Locksmith
Call a Locksmith!


When looking to find a reliable 24-hour local locksmith, you first need to make sure it truly is local. Check out the address to make sure it’s legitimate. When you call, if they answer the phone in a generic way, such as saying “Locksmith”, be aware. Make sure they specify their specific business name and not a generic and vague description of their services. Once you know they are professional and trustworthy, ask for a price quote. When they quote you a price over the phone, make sure you inquire about additional fees for emergency or other services.

Call Gilbert Locksmith 24!

Let the helpful and skilled professionals at Gilbert Locksmith 24 help you when it’s time to call a locksmith. We will be by your side with all of the tools and equipment and know-how needed to get your locking job done quickly and right.